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This comm is for the discussion of Jacqueline Carey and her Kushiel trilogy of books, as well as subsequent novels such as Elegy for Darkness.
Given the nature of the novels, there may be adult content on this community as well as spoilers.

The Quick FAQ

1. Will there be anymore books based on the Kushiel trilogy? Yes, it's been announced that J. Carey has signed on for 3 more books - all focusing on Imriel. The first, Kushiel's Scion, came out in June 2006 and the second, Kushiel's Justice, will be out in June 2007.
2. What is Banekwreaker/Godslayer (formerly) Elegy for Darkness/when will it come out? Godslayer is a standalone novel from villains POVs (third person). However, it has been split up into 2 separate novels - Banewreaker and Godslayer, the former of which came out in November 2004 and the latter August 2005.
3. What's the deal with fan fiction? J. Carey's stated that no fan fics with the characters from the books themselves are to be written, but the world itself is free game. I don't permit fic posting here, but you can go to eluaschildren for that.


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Policy on fan fics: No posting fan fics or fic links in the comm. Everyone remembers the whole Anne Rice lawyer thing. I'm doing this out of a matter of respect - J. Carey doesn't like fic from a legal perspective.

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