that jazz girl (mybrokenlocket) wrote in kushiel_trilogy,
that jazz girl

Where to buy masks?

My brother is going to his prom this year, and the dance is going to be a "masked ball" theme. I am of course super jealous and getting way over-involved, in typical big sister fashion. I came here to see if any of you Kushiel cosplayers or enthusiasts could tell me where you get your masks. I would love some good online sources, so he could shop from the comfort of home and still know he's getting a good product. Thanks in advance!
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I just replied, and it seems to have been marked as spam for having a link in the comment. If you can't see it, the gist of it was that Etsy is a great resource, and while I can only personally vouch for one maskmaker (whom I linked to), I have a decent-sized list of bookmarks of others from when I was shopping around. If you like, I can PM you some links; if you'd rather just poke around Etsy (where there is a huge variation of prices, complexities, and materials), that's totally fine. :)

Good luck! I'm also jealous of your brother!
Thanks, I've loved Etsy for other stuff, so I'll point him that way. Sorry your comment was marked as Spam, thanks for reposting!
Mine was also marked as spam so let me try again themaskstore DOT com has great quality, unique, handmade masks.
Thank you, those look amazing! Sorry your comment was marked as spam, thanks for being persistent.
Sure thing! I absolutely LOVED the masks they had when I was in NOLA so I'm happy to send them any business I can.