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historical and time periods across the trilogies

Hi everyone!

I've been wrestling with a question for ages now, and it's basically this:

When do you think the first two trilogies with Phèdre and Imriel are set, and when is Moirin's trilogy set?

[Spoilers for all nine books, as far as geography goes]
For me, it's a confusing mix of early modern with the high medieval period. There's a lot of contextual clues lost because oh wait, no Norman Conquest because of the Master of the Straits re: Normans in the first place, so you can't use geography like the Angevin empire to check - the borders of Terre d'Ange look like modern France instead of the three way split caused by Louis the Pious' sons (Verdun split, which doesn't resolve until way later; the map in the front of the books looks like it's got Alsace & Lorraine included. And anyway, Terre d'Ange seems to practice primogeniture, so it wouldn't happen.) On one hand, weregild is being paid in Skaldi, and Vralia has only just converted to what amounts to "Christianity" (in real world: 987) by Imriel's time. Imriel and Sidonie seem to be establishing the first lycées, which matches. Italy (Caerdicci Unitas) is apparently still unified, but I'm not well-informed enough about Italy to prise out any details that Lucca, Venice or Rome might have provided. Alba is nigh impossible to use for dating purposes, since the Tiberian rule is broken much earlier and Alba's been in isolation for ages and it sounds like much of the infrastructure the Romans built were not built in Alba. The justice system - that we see, like with Melisande and Lyonette - seems to still be very much the king and queen's domain, with his/her councillors advising.

On the other hand, Moirin, only a few generations down, is off exploring Terra Nova (1492, Columbus), after the Aragonians have formed a strong (though coercive) trading agreement, so further down the road.

To wrap that bit of tl;dr up, anyone got ideas about time period? Gut feelings? (I'd love to hear those, too! Especially if you found something that stuck out at you that indicated some time period to you.) Specific centuries would be even better. Mostly, I want to know when you all think the books are set.
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