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Just me, being a dork.

When people used to actively post their dream cast for the Kushiel Trilogy, were it ever made a movie, I could never put a name to the face that lingered in my mind for Melisande when I'd read the books.  I knew it was an actress I'd seen in my childhood (in the 80s), but I couldn't think of who she was.

Well.  For some reason, looking up the creepy 1985 film, Return to Oz, was on my to-do list at IMDB tonight and I saw her.  At last!  In my mind's eye (making her a little younger than this pic, of course), I was seeing Jean Marsh:

That knowing look she has was what struck me as so Melisande-like!  Oddly enough, googling for pictures of her in younger years doesn't give me the same "Oooh, Melisande!" effect.  Maybe it's just that look on her face.  LOL

I had to share this just because it always eluded me who I was seeing in my mind's eye!
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