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"You, and You Alone" Discussion!

At long last, I was able to get the anthology from the library this weekend!  Though I knew it was about Delaunay and Prince Rolande, I had no idea what to expect.  I didn't have any spoilery warnings of who would tell the tale much less how it would come about.  So, my thoughts after reading "You, and You Alone" at lunch, in a complete random sort of stream of consciousness way!

First of all, I totally did not expect the story to be set from Delaunay's point of view, much less as he was dying.  Makes sense given the title of the collection (duh!), but I still wasn't thinking Carey would give us Delaunay's death from his own personal experience.  Good for her for startling me, lol.  It was quite the melancholy start!

While I enjoyed the tale, like followingwords said, I don't think the short story format is Carey's best style.  Perhaps that is just my being fussy because I too would have preferred to know so much more.  Even though I knew it was a short story, I wanted a novel.  ;)

But, at the same time, by having the details spelled out more, I was reminded of something Jacqueline Carey said at her book talk for Naamah's Kiss when she suggested that there are parts of the story we don't really need to know, that having it in our imagination is better.  As I read "You, and You Alone," that feeling did hit me.  Knowing how Delaunay felt about Phèdre, Alcuin, and Melisande wasn't what I expected.  It wasn't as deep as I wanted to find him, not by half.

I did grin at the glimpse of a young Barquiel L'Envers!  That was fun, given how he's so tied into the plots of the novels.  I also was glad to see Gonzango from Aragonia, although the glimpse at the Unseen Guild was even more vague (and blah?) than what Imriel knew from his senator's wife.  I want MORE detail.  LOL

Before I start to ramble, I'll leave my comments at this and welcome anyone who wants to jump in!
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