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I have some questions I need answered, and I haven't been able to find the information anywhere else, and I don't know where exactly in the books I'd find the answers, so I'd have to reread all of them to find it. Which would not be terrible, but would also take time.

All of these questions are about the priesthood of Naamah, not the adepts of the Night Court. If there's no definite answer in the canon, then I'm open to discussion of parts of the canon that could suggest the answer.

What is the process for becoming a priest/ess of Naamah? Is it similar to that of the Night Court? As in, does the prospective priest/ess foster with the temple, and have the same sort of training as the adepts, and generally finish their training around the same age (14ish). Or is their training a little freer, allowing them to follow the spark of Naamah in them as they please, as Moirin does?

And once their training is finished, I know they then go on a pilgrimage around Terre d'Ange where they are not allowed to turn down any who might come to them, and that lasts... how long? A year? A year and a day? Longer?

... um, I think that's it for now. The most important things.

(Basically, I'm trying to create a priest of Naamah character for a Kushiel-based RPG, but I want to keep everything as close as canon as possible. So I need help, please!)

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